Easy flocking with the RTS-Greenkeeper

The RTS-Greenkeeper is a flocking tool, which is specially designed for model-makers. Today it is the most sold tool for flocking in Germany, the Netherlands and England. The commercialization began in the 2nd quarter of 2016 with Microrama in France and it already had a lot of success.

This tool has been elected “best flocking tool on the market” by “Modelbahnschule”, in the edition 31, on page 48. You can compare the performances of the RTS-Greenkeeper and other flocking tools if you can read german. You can watch the comparative chart, it speaks for itself.

Here is a video demonstrating the efficiency of the RTS-Greenkeeper with Magigras 

Indeed the RTS tools are characterized by their quality of fabrication, their very little consumption of electricity and their stunning performance, which is way better than the performances of the other tools, for less money.

The 9 volt batterie obtains its function many months, when used intensly. So, there is no need to change the batterie everyday or even invest in an adapter like for other flocking tools.

There are three versions of the RTS-Greenkeeper:
– The RTS-Greenkeeper 15 KV maximal height of fibers: 4-6 mm  maximal height of flocking: 1.5 à 2 cm
– The RTS-Greenkeeper 25 KV maximal height of fibers: 6 mm  maximal height of flocking: 2.5 à 3 cm
– TheRTS-Greenkeeper 35 KV maximal height of fibers: 6 à 8 mm maximal height of flocking: 7 cm
– The RTS-Greenkeeper 55 KV maximal height of fibers: 12 à 14 mm maximal height of flocking: 14 cm
(The RTS-Greenkeeper 15 KV is no longer fabricated and is replaced by the 25 KV)

In France you can by the RTS-Greenkeeper here! http://microrama.eu/online/

The RTS-Greenkeeper in the version of 25 kV (25000 Volt) is the basic model of the series. He is already more powerful than the Grassmaster for lower costs and for the same costs as the tool of Heki.  You can only use this tool for applictions which never exceed heights of 2 cm to 3 cm. With the usage of Magigras you can realize trees which are up to 3 cm high in the scale of N. That is why you should even for the scale N better use the 35 V version.

The 35 kV (35000 Volt) version of the RTS-Greenkeeper. is made for professional scale-model-makers. You can use it universally. Unless you want to use fibers less than 8mm long, you can use it for everything. Because of the minimal difference between the prices of the 25 KV and the 35 KV, the choice should be this one.

The RTS-Greenkeeper 55 kV (55000 Volt) is made for professionals which create scale-models  up to scale O and I, who want to obtain very good results with fibers between a height of 12 mm to 14 mm. The impressiv maximal height of flocking is 14 cm.

The RTS-Greenkeeper serves many needs of model-makers. We made the wishes of many passionated model-makers come true by developing the RTS-Greenkeeper. It is the most powerful tool on the market to use fibers which are between 6mm and 8mm long, even with a funnel-shaped tip. It obtains a very good efficiency higher than 5cm above the surface.

Main characteristics

– electrical power supply by batterie
– packet is send with a batterie
– Voltage : 8,4 to 9,6 Volt
– power and tension at exit 25 KV, 35 KV or 55 KV
– works with fibers respectively from 6 mm, 8 mm and  up to 14 mm with the 55 KV
– Dimensions : Height 140 mm (with funnel 183 mm), Ø 70 mm
– Dimensions : Height 200 mm (with funnel 243 mm), Ø 70 mm
– capacity 220 ml to 330 ml
– secured high tension
– electronic regulation
– LED to control the tension
– guarantee: 24 months

Content of the packaging

– 3x plastic caps with sieves (1x XL, 1x rough, 1x fine)
– One funnel-shaped plastic cap with sieve
– cap
– antipole cable
– Batterie (9V)
– instruction for use

Precaution before usage

The RTS-Greenkeeper is a tool designed to generate an electrostatic field, in order to represent herbs and grass with synthetic fibers in scale-models. The electrostatique electricity positions the fibers vertical to the surface their used on. The result will give a natural impression of herbs. The tool is designed to generate an electrostatic field of a tension between 25 KV to 55 KV.The intensity is regulated electronically, so there is no consequence for the user.